Wavy Edge Rattan Vase

£85.00 GBP

What do you get when the makers of the iconic edit58 Rattan Ripple Tray and Straw London Wavy Edge Terracotta Pot come together to collaborate on a new product? The edit58 x Straw London Wavy Edge Rattan Vase, of course. 

Designed by Lisa (edit58) and Emily (Straw London), and made by hand by talented artisans - our Wavy Edge Rattan Vase exudes vintage charm with a modern touch. The perfect size to create impact as a table centre piece, on your mantle or as a part of your alfresco tablescape come spring/summer. The gorgeous wavy, rippled lip creates a brilliantly distinctive and pretty feature that only enhances the beauty of what is placed within. 

The vase comes with a handy removable water tight vase liner, ensuring your blooms stay fresh, and yet no water can leak, damaging the rattan or your home. 

Using our favourite material - rattan -  means this vase is non-breakable but also flexible in its usage. Of course it can be used for blooms - but equally fill your vase with kitchen utensils, use to store other bits and pieces (be that rolls of craft paper, kindling etc) 
As each vase is made by hand, please note that there will be discrepancies from vase to vase, and we feel this individuality and uniqueness only adds to the charm of the piece. 


Production Specification 

Size: 22cm Height x 20 cm Width (at widest point). Wavy edge = 4cm deep.

Vase opening = 14cm, Vase base 11 cm 


Vase - Rattan over wire frame / Vase liner - recycled clear PVC

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