edit58 was conceived by self-confessed interiors junkie and rug addict Lisa Mehydene. An avid traveller with an enviable eye for must-have pieces, Lisa launched edit58 as a platform to share the irresistible finds she’s collected, combined with her own unique design spin. By building relationships with craftspeople in Portugal, France, the US and one of her favourite places: Morocco, edit58 has flourished into a cult success story that’s no longer such a well-kept secret.

A former advertising director, Lisa is mother to boy and girl twins. Their home in south-west London is an inspiring canvas for the unusual discoveries that she has handpicked and which she styles together in the most imaginative of ways.

Best summed-up as a homebody and lover of simple pleasures (lighting a scented candle and getting into fresh bed sheets being just a couple) read on to find out exactly what makes edit58’s founder tick…

How would you describe your own decor style?

It’s like my fashion style: I take high street, designer and vintage and mix it all up. I blend things so they complement each other and hopefully, the effect is that you don’t know what’s what. What often makes me buy something is the story. I fall in love with the history - that’s why I love vintage.

What’s your most treasured interiors find?

I have two actually… one is a Japanese block print that my husband gave to me on our wedding day. I was so surprised and touched by the gesture. The other is our sofa - which might sound bizarre, but is very sentimental to me! It’s a green velvet one by Pinch and was our first ever purchase. It’s been everywhere with us – Dubai, Singapore and London.

Where’s your interiors ‘happy place’?

I love Kempton Market; I’m never happier than when I’m driving there - you can’t wipe the smile off my face! I know a number of traders and some will keep bits for me that they know I’ll love.

Retrouvious is also great. They’re salvagers who get such unusual pieces. You can sometimes work with them to make your vision to come to fruition without having to spend a fortune on commissioning an actual piece of furniture.

I also can’t pass a flea market or brocante of any sort when I’m on holiday… I just have to go in!

 Anything you’re guilty of repeatedly purchasing?

I seriously do have a rug addiction… because you can’t have too many and they work in every room; you can layer them, and they’re not permanent! My bathmats are runners -  just the type you can wash.  I can’t get enough of baskets either. You can use them for everything. I think I have over 30 in the house…

 You travel frequently to Morocco, any tips to share?

- Get a tour guide when hitting the souk. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and most people don’t get in far enough to realise that it’s structured into mini souks – there’s a carpet souk, a basket souk etc… Guides know the best places to go and can easily arrange transport if you buy something bulky.

- The Majorelle Garden is a must. It’s so visually stunning and a really easy win: you go there and it blows your mind.

- For a taste of luxury, visit The Beldi in Marrakech. It’s a hotel, spa and country club which you can just visit for the day. Its grounds are stunning and you get the feel of Morocco within a beautiful enclave of luxury and most people wouldn’t know it’s there.

What’s your idea of a perfect evening?

Having people over because I am a real homebody, but I do love entertaining and so it’s a perfect blend of both. My husband is the chef and obsessed with sourcing ingredients, so he does the cooking while I dress the table – win-win all round.

*All images courtesy of Lauren Michelle (www.laurenmichelle.com.au)