Large Handpainted Floral Trug - Green

£170.00 GBP

At edit58 we love to take a functional homeware item and elevate it into something that not only works hard, but looks beautiful too. The humble trug is the latest item we have turned our attention to. A longtime favourite in our home and garden, but one which seems to have had its appearance overlooked. 

We were determined to put this right 

Firstly, we searched high and low for the best trugs in the UK. We found them in Sussex, hand made by wonderful Kevin "The Trugmaker". Kevin hand crafts each in the traditional way; steaming and bending the component parts. All materials used are F.S.C. approved and edit58 is the only person Kevin supplies to 

Whilst Kevin's trugs are, admittedly, beautiful in their simplicity, we wanted to decorate them to add another dimension to their overall look. For this, we asked our brilliant friend Preneet, of The Charpoy, to hand paint each one with a floral design. Preneet took this brief and developed a design beyond our wildest dreams; floral motifs across the trug handle, a wonderful lattice repeat pattern around the rim edge and the dreamiest little painted Trug 'feet' you ever did see!

The resulting Hand Painted Floral Trugs are available in 2 sizes and 2 colourways. This listing is for the Large Green Trug. As all our trugs are handpainted to order, please note there is a timeframe of approx 3 weeks from order to dispatch. (If you need your trug by a certain date, please do get in touch before ordering to confirm we can meet your deadline).

We hope you enjoy your handpainted trug. We have found them to be the most useful 'vessel' for containing a whole host of items outside of their intended purpose....ideal for alfresco tables (bread basket/cutlery/napkins). Or use inside the home as a fruit bowl, in the bathroom for containing beauty bits and bobs, or even fireside for storing kindling. The options are endless.

Product Specification:

Size: 52cm (L) x 31 cm (W) x 31cm (H)

Trugs are handmade in Sussex and handpainted in London, UK


Large Trug / Green - £170