'Elsie' Handsmocked Lampshade Skirt - Blue Bow

£110.00 GBP

We are thrilled to launch our collaborative 'Elsie' Handsmocked Fabric Lampshade Skirt collection with Smock London, their first foray into homewares.

Embroidery is a passion for both brands and, (unsurprisingly!) Smock London are known and loved for their hand-smocking. Their talented team create beautifully intricate and nostalgic heirloom pieces. We just knew that smocking would translate wonderfully into the world of interiors.

Looking through a rack of Smock London clothing together, it became obvious what our first collaborative homeware item should be. Don’t our lights deserve to be as well dressed as we are? Shouldn’t every lightbulb have its modesty covered by a pretty hand smocked 'skirt'? We think so, and thus set about designing a lampshade range that would elevate the humble fabric lampshade; with smocking being a design detail that enhances their appearance both when lit, and when not.

Our Smocked Lampshade Skirts come in three different fabrics each with a unique smocking design; ‘Bow’ (available in Blue and Pink colourways), ‘Weave’ and ‘Mink’, and are available in two different sizes; Mini Skirt and Maxi Skirt. This listing is for the Blue Bow fabric shade, as pictured. Please use the drop down menu to select your lampshade skirt size. 

The ‘waistband’ of each fabric lampshade skirt is pleated and hand smocked by talented artisans in Vietnam in a cotton thread that allows the intricate design to stand out from the cotton fabric, creating both visual interest and an elasticated ‘waistband’ that holds the skirt shade in place. 

Each fabric lampshade skirt comes with a plain cardboard base shade (think of this as the petticoat to your skirt!), over which the lampshade skirt sits (and the ‘waistband’ grips onto). These are made bespoke for us by lovely Alex at Munro & Kerr. The base shade comes with an interchangeable fitting so you can use your shade as a table lamp and/or as a Pendant shade (without needing to change the fitting, simply flip the fitting between the two settings) – so they are ‘ready to wear’ straightaway.

Should you wish to purchase only the fabric skirt, with no base shade/light fitting for it to sit upon, please contact us at lisa@edit58.com.

Skirt Specifications:


Fabric lampshade: Cotton

Base Shade: Cardboard


Mini Skirt: 15cm diameter at base 

Maxi Skirt: 30cm diameter at base 

Fitting: Interchangeable table lamp/pendant (dual fitting supplied)

Care: Fabric Skirt Shade can be washed on cold / slow spin / dry flat / iron on low

Our edit58 x Smock London skirts are pictured on a range of Alfred Newall lamp bases You can shop the AN lampbase collection here. Mini Skirts Lampshades work well on Alfred Newall’s ‘Baby’ Bases. Our Maxi Skirt Lampshades work well on both Alfred’s ‘Bedside’ and ‘Grand’ bases.