edit58 x Navygrey Cushion Collaboration

£175.00 GBP

We are thrilled to announce our edit58 x Navygrey Cushion Collection, a collaboration with our favourite sustainable British knitwear brand, Navygrey. 

With shared values and a mutual admiration for each other's work, this collaboration brings together our passion for quality, sustainability, and design. The edit58 x Navygrey Cushion Collection combines fashion and interior design to create timeless pieces that are not only beautiful but also have a positive impact on the environment. 

Each edit58 x Navygrey cushion is a testament to thoughtful design and eco-conscious production. Available in two sizes - Large (95 x 35cm) & Medium (60 x 40cm) - each cushion is meticulously crafted to bring you an abundance of luxury and sustainability into your home. Each cushion is double-sided, offering versatility and longevity, ensuring they become cherished additions to your living space.

One side of these unique cushions is adorned with the Navygrey Coastal Check Tartan, meticulously crafted from 100% Scottish-spun lamb's wool, produced on century-old looms powered by green energy in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. 

The reverse side, in striking contrast, features vintage rug fabric sourced we have sourced, carefully handpicked by Lisa to harmonise seamlessly with both brands' colour palettes. The vintage rug materials, with their timeless striped designs, beautifully complement the sumptuous soft lambswool of the Navygrey side, creating an aesthetically pleasing and versatile decor accessory. The juxtaposition of hardiness on the front and the softness on the back of these cushions adds a layer of both visual and tactile depth to our collaboration.

What sets these cushions apart is their eco-friendly filling, made from recycled wool. This innovative approach repurposes waste fibre from wool garment production, reducing waste and the need for non-sustainable fibres and fillings. The waste wool is sourced from British Wool, contributing to increased local efficiency and productivity while decreasing the environmental footprint.

Sizes & Price:

Medium Cushion (60cm x 40cm): £175

Large Cushion (95cm x 35cm): £250 

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