'Easter' / 'Egg Hunt' Embroidered Mini Basket

£25.00 GBP

An Easter basket is an absolute essential (we have a basket for every occasion...). Where else is one to collect up chocolate eggs and safely store them, ahem, before eating them 2 minutes later? 

Our Easter basket is two-sided. 'Easter' (yellow wool) on one side, 'Egg hunt' (turquoise wool) on the other. A chic alternative to those plastic baskets that you end up buying every year. Ours will last a lifetime. Unlike chocolate eggs.....

Product Specification:

Size: Approx 20 cm (height) x 22cm (width at basket opening) excluding handles 

Material: Natural Palm Leaf with 'Easter' in neon yellow wool embroidery on one side and 'Egg hunt' in turquoise wool on the other

Handmade by 'Original Marrakech' for edit58

Please note, due to their handwoven nature, these baskets may have slight imperfections. Embroidery is in a 'script' font and so words reflect a handwritten style

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