Jumbo Rattan Ripple Tray (SECOND)

£138.00 GBP

PLEASE NOTE: This is a second, meaning it doesn't pass our very, very strict quality control measures here at edit58 HQ. It's still perfectly useable and gorgeous; just maybe has a slight weaving discrepancy, different dimensions to those listed by a couple of centimetres, or rattan colour discrepancies. The likelihood is that when in use, none of these small things would be noticeable. Trays selected for dispatch at random. All sales are final. Thank you. Discounted by 25% from standard retail price. 

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We knew exactly what we wanted (because we had seen vintage versions); a gorgeous rattan tray to use on our ottoman / sideboard / bathroom table / drinks cabinet... (the list goes on). It needed to be BIG. It needed to be deep enough to stack up books and magazines. It needed a delicious design detail to make it stand out. It needed to have handles so it could be carried outside for alfresco dining and moved from room to room with ease. Not much to ask, hey?! We looked high, we looked low, but alas..... nothing.

So, we took the mission into our own hands; designing and creating what we wanted but could not find. Meet our Jumbo Rattan Ripple Tray. She's curvy and deep, she's all natural (so will work in a whole range of interior spaces and styles), and she is just waiting to be filled with both the treasures and mundane items that make life what it is.  

Our Rattan Ripple trays are hand made for us by a cooperative in Bali. Each one takes days to produce. We tell you this to go someway to explaining the pricepoint of our trays. We've all become accustomed to being able to score rattan items for mere pounds from the high street, but the truth is that they take time and effort to make. We pay our artisans fairly for the worK involved, and then we have to get them here to the UK. We hope you understand. And just think, this tray is for life. You can have your supper served on it when you're in your 90's. 

Production Specification 

Size: 60cm (L) x 43 cm (W) x 12cm (H) excluding handle. 20 cm high with handle included. Our Jumbo Rattan Ripple Trays are large! Please note the dimensions.

Material: Rattan over wire frame.

Design: Rectangular base, fluted sides with ripple top edge. Ripple goes in and out (not up/down). This is not a scalloped piece when viewing from the side. Handles curve to reflect the ripple design directly below.