Hand-painted Enamelware Tumbler

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We are delighted to be continuing our collaboration with British artist Lisa Hardy, with a new design of our popular Hand-painted Floral Enamel Tumbler.

The most useful addition to your home, our tumblers are perfect for holding make-up brushes/ toothpaste/brush, pens/pencils, as a lovely little vase or simply as a beautiful water vessel for your bedside. The options are endless

Lisa's signature flora inspired painting style elevates this simple utilitarian item to a piece that's as charming as it is functional. A lovely little artwork for your home

Each tumbler is painted by hand in Lisa's distinctive style. And whilst this design incorporates blue, yellow and green mini floral/leaf motifs around the full surface - no two tumblers are exactly the same

Product Specifications

Our enamelware tumblers are hand-painted in Wales by Lisa Hardy. Each piece is unique. There may be small inconsistencies in the enamel (such as small bubbles) which should be embraced as part of the charm of this piece. 

Size: 9cm tall / 310ml.

This tumbler is off white and has a glossy red rim/lip 

Hand wash only 


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