Edit 3: Hand-painted Enamelware Jug

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We are delighted to be able to bring you a small collection of our collaborative hand painted Enamel Jugs with British artist Lisa Hardy, for Christmas 2023. We just adore the palette of pinks, reds and greens that give a nod to the festivities, but work across the year

Lisa's signature flora inspired painting style elevates this traditional kitchen item to a piece that's as charming as it is functional. Whether used as a water jug, a vessel to hold flowers or store utensils, or even as a decorative item by itself - we hope these jugs will be cherished ‘artworks’ for years to come

Each jug is painted by hand in Lisa's distinctive style, no two jugs are the same. 

Product Specifications

Our enamelware jugs are hand-painted in Wales by Lisa Hardy. Each piece is unique and the artwork differs across each. There may be small inconsistencies in the enamel which should be embraced as part of the charm of this piece. 

Size: 23cm Height, 25cm from tip of handle to tip of spout rim

3 litre jug

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