Gingham Bow Basket

£50.00 GBP


How to improve on a classic short handled basket? Add an oversized gingham bow, of course! This simple addition, in navy/white cotton creates a chic basket for use around town, on holiday or simply for a trip to the local park or farmers market.  Included in each basket is a separate matching gingham drawstring bag - perfect for keeping your phone/purse/travelcard safe in the basket as you go about your day

Material: Classic short-handled basket with an oversized navy/white cotton gingham bow attached to the handle. Inside a matching gingham drawstring bag is included, and simply tied to the basket handle, so it can be easily detached

Size: Size: 42 (L) x 26 (H) x 18 (W) at basket opening

Handles: 9cm (H0 X 12cm (W)