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We are thrilled to build on our successful collaboration with talented British artist Lisa Hardy, this time bringing Lisa’s distinctive style to a range of beautiful hand-painted tiles, which also happen to be handmade by Lisa herself (see, we told you she’s a talent...) 

Whilst these tiles are usually made to order, we have a limited selection in stock at edit58 HQ, available to dispatch straight away. You can either buy an individual tile to use around the home as a stand alone work of art, or alternatively you can select a few to create your one bespoke backsplash. In our own home we have these tiles dotted all over; as a soap 'dish' in our bathroom, mounted on the wall as a part of a gallery display and also in our kitchen, propped against some cookbooks to add interest to open shelving

Not using ready made tiles was important to Lisa Hardy and to us at edit58, as we both place value on the idiosyncrasies resulting from human touch; the marks and gestures that make each tile unique, special and very tactile

Product specification
Tile dimensions: 15cm x 15cm
Tile weight: 300 grams

Please note that due to the handmade nature of the tiles there may be small variations in the dimensions and weight, and they are not perfectly square. 

Note: If used as a backsplash, we strongly advise these tiles are installed by a qualified professional. edit58 and Lisa Hardy accept no responsibility for damage or injury caused In the installation or use of these tiles.

Lisa’s Story 

Lisa started a ceramics evening class whilst living in Hastings. When she moved to West Wales (July 2018) to focus on her art practice she wasn’t aware that there was a working pottery studio literally a stones throw away from her home. It was meant to be that she returned to pottery!

The Pottery 

Nantyfelin Pottery in Llanfair Clydogau is run by Jamie & Dodie Herschel who have been making pottery for over 50 years. Both trained at Stoke on Trent and then went on to run several potteries, including one in St Ives and one in the South of France.

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