edit58 Embroidered Runner Rug: edit2

£450.00 GBP

Here at edit58 HQ we use vintage embroidered floral runners all over our home; alongside beds, on our landing areas, in our living room. We believe every space needs a rug, and runners are the perfect way to incorporate a carpet into narrower slithers of space, whilst injecting colour, pattern and texture. 

Our collection of runners are sourced from Turkey and are varying lengths. Please note the runner size below when ordering, as they all differ.

Product Specification:

Size: 444cm x 58cm

Material: Cotton, Wool. Short fringing at both ends 

Good vintage condition. Please note there will be material / colour inconsistencies and  areas of wear. We feel this adds to the overall charm of the piece and should be embraced as part of the vintage nature of the runner


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