Circular Woven Basket Duo - Large and Mini


Rather than going round in circles trying to decide which of our Circular Woven Baskets to choose - why not get both? Our large basket is perfect for the beach and day trips to the market. Our mini basket makes carrying those daily essentials a pleasure, looks gorgeously boho on a night out or provides the perfect opportunity for you to twin with the little human in your life. 

Product Specifications:

Mini Circular Woven Basket

Size: 30-34cm (diameter) x 5 cm (depth)

Large Circular Woven Basket

Size: 43-48cm (diameter) x 10 cm (depth)

Please note the diameters provided vary from basket to basket and the diameter range provided is purely a guide. 

Both baskets are handwoven for edit58 in Morocco using Palm Leaf

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